You can contact us at any time to find out what we do, express your doubts / suggestions or introduce yourself to be part of our group and participate in our activities. Our available contact media are Instagram, Twitter and Email. When we meet you in person during an activity, we will add you to the WhatsApp group of Young Naturists for faster and more direct communication with other members.

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To contact us by email, you can fill in this form or send us a message directly to At the end of each page of this site, you’ll also find a small form through which you can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter.




Is Young Naturists a for-profit association?

No. The aim of the group is to promote a lifestyle, guide young people in naturism, have fun in activities and meet new people. We don’t get any economic benefit from doing what we do.

Do I have to become a CCN associate to participate in the activities?

It is not necessary, although we highly recommend it. You will find more information on this topic in the “Do you want to join?” section.

How many people are part of Young Naturists?

We keep in touch with about 30 people, some of them are associated to the CCN and some others aren’t. In the activities, the number of attendees is usually around 10.

When will you organize an activity close to where I live?

We organize meetings according to people’s availability and we are always open to new ideas for activities and places. Why don’t you propose one, near where you live? We look forward to helping you organize it!

What is the girls/boys ratio in the activities?

There is not an established proportion, it is the one that comes out naturally depending on the participants who want to attend to each activity (as in any other group). The only thing we can assure is that the group is quite diverse and that we never limit attendance basing on gender, as we believe that this goes against one of the fundamental pillars of naturism (respect and acceptance towards others).

Does my physical appearance matter when practicing nudism?

Not at all. Nudism, like naturism in general, is based on respect and acceptance, and this involves understanding that all bodies are equally beautiful and natural, in all their shapes and sizes. There is no perfect body, or rather, they are all perfect!

What if I have an erection?

It’s not a big deal, though it’s not very usual. It’s understandable if it happens the first times someone practices social nudism. Just act naturally! 🙂

Do you let people older than 30 participate?

Yes. However, older people may find themselves displaced by a lack of common interests with others. We do not want to be exclusive, but we do want to emphasize that the basis of the group is to make positive discrimination towards young people as a minority group within naturism.

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