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How to participate in the group of Young Naturists

1. Read the rules of conduct

We are not too in favor of imposing rules, but it is clear that building a safe naturist space, where all people can feel comfortable, respected, and protected, entails the need to create a code of conduct. This is ours:

1. Age restriction. Although we are part of the Catalan Naturist Club, an association open to people of all ages, the basis of our group is to make positive discrimination towards young people as a minority group within naturism, to facilitate socialization between people with similar interests. If you are over 35, we recommend that you rather take interest in the CCN and its proposed activities. We often attend the outings organized by the association and interact with the other members, so we will meet at some point!

2. Harassment / violation of privacy . In both face-to-face meetings and virtual channels, be polite and respectful and do not monopolize people’s attention. Do not ask for contact information directly from anyone. Instead, you can talk to the organizers after a meeting so that they can make it easier for you to contact someone if the requested person agrees. Following the same logic, talk to the organizers so that they act as intermediaries before opening someone privately on WhatsApp.

3. Alcohol / drugs . We are happy for people to drink at our socials, but with moderation and without affecting the comfort and well-being of other people. The same can be said about the use of soft drugs, such as cannabis.

4. With or without clothes? Most of our activities are clothing optional, and we explicitly state this in the description of the event (nature trails, indoor encounters, etc.). Nudism is an important branch of naturism and many of the meetings we organize are closely related to its practice, but it is not the only aspect of the lifestyle we promote. It is recommended that you come with the idea of completely undressing in activities that take place in areas of preferential nudist use, such as beaches (we do not want to contribute to textilization!), But even in these cases, we will accept the use of clothing in specific circumstances (first experiences, menstruation, dysphoria, etc.).

5. Sexual behavior. Our group promotes the practice of nudism without mixing it with sex or exhibitionism. A spontaneous erection or an occasional show of affection (with due consent) is not a problem, but you should avoid open sexual behavior in our activities. This rule also applies to our virtual spaces: we forbid sharing pictures that are out of what is considered “nudist-friendly” (focus on genitals, erections, pornography, etc.), as well as sexual comments. Everything has its time and place!

2. Send an introductory message*

To be part of Young Naturists, the first thing you need to do is send us a (brief) introductory message and let us know your interest in participating in the group. You can do this by filling out the following form, which connects to our email, or via a DM on Instagram or Twitter (in this case, let us know that you have read the group’s rules of conduct and that you are willing to follow them). You can take the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Acceptance of the rules of conduct of Young Naturists

8 + 8 =

*We have enabled this submission process to keep the group safe. The data you provide us is for the sole knowledge of the organizers and in no case will it be published or shared with third parties.

3. Come and meet us in an activity

When you have presented yourself, an organizer of the group will answer you and afterward, you will be able to attend our meetings.. In the “Activities” section of the website you will see a list of the socials scheduled for the coming months, both those organized by us and those called by the Catalan Naturist Club for people of all ages, in which we often participate. You can also follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to receive alerts about future activities.

When you find an outing that interests you, let us know and come and enjoy naturism with us! Sometimes, such as when we need to make a reservation, you will need to confirm your attendance in advance.

Once we’ve met in person at a meeting, we’ll add you (if you want) to one of our WhatsApp groups (we have two groups, one for CCN associates and one for non-associates). There you will be able to talk to other people linked to Young Naturists, share experiences and knowledge, and receive firsthand all the information related to the group and future activities.

Please note that at no time during this process will you be asked for a membership fee, nor will you be required to join the CCN as a paying associate.

Attention: for security and privacy reasons, attending a face-to-face meeting is a prerequisite for you to join our WhatsApp groups or to be able to contact other people from Young Naturists, beyond the organizers.

Do you want to help us?

You can always help us, if you have availability and you are comfortable with us, to promote the naturist lifestyle and make our cause bigger and more visible. Here are the things you can do at the moment to assist us (and we will be very grateful!):

  • Write an article for this website. If you enjoy writing and even more so if it’s about naturism, this is your chance! You can tell us about your own experience, comment on some aspect of the naturist lifestyle, describe what your usual beach or campsite is like … Contact us to talk about it, or send us the writing directly by email to .
  • Give us ideas for future activities. You can always tell us what activities you would like to do or advise us on the ones we already have planned; we will take this into account!
  • Join the naturist vanguard. That’s what we call the still small group of people who do most of the work (scheduling activities, managing our accounts on social networks, creating posters, replying to messages, etc.). If you want to work more closely with us, we look forward to welcoming you to the “vanguard” WhatsApp group, and we will work together in the organization of Young Naturists.
  • Join the Club Català de Naturisme as a paying associate. It is important to be aware of the relevance of naturist associations and their role in defending and promoting our lifestyle. That is why we highly recommend that you become associated with the CCN even if it is not mandatory to join Young Naturists, and not only for the benefits it brings you (we will tell you later), but also, as we have said, so that we can make ourselves better heard and protect our rights and our usual beaches. Union makes strength!

How to become a CCN associate

1. Fill in the form on the CCN website

On the CCN website you will find a link to a form (located on a secure server) that you must fill in with your personal details.

2. Make the payment

The first year you will have to pay the fee by transferring it to the account number (Caixa d’Enginyers) on the form page. From then on, the CCN will collect the annual fee always by direct debit. The first time you can also pay the fee in cash at the club’s office, located in Barcelona (Pere Vergés street, 1, floor 11 office 10). Office hours are Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m., except July and August.

3. Send a photo

To make the cards you need a photograph (such as the DNI) that can be sent by e-mail to , by post to the address mentioned, or delivered in person to the office.

Benefits of associates

So what are the benefits of joining the CCN as an associate? We present them below as they appear on the club’s website (with some additions), so that you have more information at your fingertips:

1. You will have access to the Young Naturists’ WhatsApp group for associates . It is a group reserved for participants of Young Naturists who are also associated with the CCN, where issues about the internal organization of the group are most often discussed and where the activities are first proposed and announced.

2. You will receive an annual newsletter . Members receive a CCN newsletter in physical format each year, called Naturism, with information on the activities and outings carried out by the association, articles and opinions of members (also ours!), news related to the naturist movement and assessments of naturist centers in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and elsewhere. A complementary e-newsletter is now also sent more frequently.

3. You will have access to certain naturist centers. Associates receive a naturist card or passport from the International Naturist Federation (INF). This card is essential to enter some naturist resorts and to enjoy discounts in others.

4. You will get discounts on meetings and activities organized by the CCN and other associations that belong to the FEN and the INF, and on the entrance fee to the Picornell nudist swimming pools in Barcelona. Some of the activities coordinated by the CCN are:

  • Trips to beaches of nudist tradition in Catalonia.
  • Sports activities such as beach volleyball.
  • Inland hikes with skinny dippings.
  • Meetings at national and foreign naturist resorts.
  • Organization of massage workshops, yoga, theater, photography, body painting, etc.
  • Talks, conferences and assemblies on naturism or related topics.
  • Claim or awareness actions.
  • Parties, festivals and other social events to keep in touch with other associates throughout the year.

5. You will participate in the promotion and defense of naturism. Being associated with the CCN and at the same time federated with the FNI makes you participate in the defense of naturism in Catalonia and worldwide. We are a minority and we need an organization that promotes and defends naturism. It should be remembered that membership fees are the main source of funding for the CCN association and, consequently, the basis for supporting the representation of organized naturism in Catalonia.

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