Once again, we spent a naked weekend at the Vents del Cadí mountain refuge, run by Fran, also a CCN associate. Time goes by and it’s been almost 3 years since I first enjoyed the surroundings and the company in the mentioned accommodation. This time the main activity was to climb the emblematic Puigpedrós (2914m), in La Cerdanya, the roof of the Girona demarcation. What is naturism but the joy of being able to enjoy the natural environment while setting challenges that motivate you to overcome yourself?

On Friday evening we started arriving at the refuge. The group of naked people widened until sunset, when clothes covered our bodies again and shared food filled our bellies. Once protected from the cold and happy to have savored everything we had cooked, some began to dance and others went to sleep. The next day would be intense!

Vents del Cadí on our arrival

The first dinner at the refuge

Shortly after the sun rose, we got up. Some people went to the nearby gorge to wake up to the coldness of its waters. Others preferred a quiet breakfast. And we got into the cars and headed north to La Cerdanya; the high rocky peak was waiting for us! Oh, but the journey was not easy: the authorities made us waste our time and some money on two occasions… And we weren’t even naked yet!

At last, we arrived at the Malniu mountain refuge, the planned start of our route. We were more than a dozen people, equipped with backpacks and walking sticks, and above all eager to meet the challenge of almost 3,000 meters high and to surround ourselves with nature and beautiful people.

The first few kilometers were hard to climb, but thanks to the breaks we made in the subalpine meadows now and then, the hike became more bearable. At first, the landscape was wooded and green, with many flowers of all colors and a pleasant temperature, although quite high. Suddenly the trees disappeared and the greenery turned into rocks and patches of snow, although the deep blue flowers did not stop accompanying us almost to the top. We had reached the alpine climate. There, fortunately, the cool wind made the climb less strenuous.

One of the stops, shortly after leaving Malniu lake behind

After learning flower names, stopping several times to regain energy (also eating), and marveling at the beauty of the brown and white mountains that surrounded us, we finally reached the top. Lots of rocks that seemed to be placed there intentionally set the summit. The cold did not deprive us of enjoying that place without clothes, in the most natural way. At first, it was hard to undress with that wind and being next to the snow, but in a short time our bodies got used to it and we could feel in communion with the mountains. We also took lots of photos to immortalize the moment. Some of us wanted to take the experience to the limit and we also got rid of our boots and socks to step on the snow and feel its intense cold on the soles of our feet, and our whole body! We couldn’t avoid shouting due to the cold, but that experience allowed us to get even more excited about the gift of nature.

Once calmed again, but still naked as we came into the world, we set out for lunch on the French side of the mountain, sheltered from the wind and warmed by the sun. Alas, in this country nudism is forbidden outside enabled areas! What a thing to ban… Luckily we were where few people arrived and we didn’t have to put up with any negative scenes.

Once rested, we began the descent along the path of the Engorgs, thanks to Fran’s experienced guidance. Again we went from rocks, sparse vegetation, and snow in multiple patches, to grass, flowers, and isolated trees that transformed into forests. Having completed the way back, full of obstacles (streams, large rocks, branches …), we spotted the refuge that had seen us leave a few hours ago, and there we said goodbye to the intense walk with a well-deserved shared snack.

Contemplating the Cerdanya from the top of the Puigpedrós mountain

Looking towards the Engorgs pass, after making the summit

The return to Vents del Cadí was peaceful and the subsequent shower was very restful. The dinner was very special: a nudist troubadour turned our excursion to the Puigpedrós into an epic story with a medieval setting. (You can read it here ). The first summit of Ivan “of the Lake” (and it wasn’t a low peak!) inspired him to write this story while the rest of us were resting. With the great excitement of hearing the story and a lot of tiredness, we soon went to bed.

On Sunday we took it easy, with no time to get up and no plans. Some spent the morning in the hammocks, enjoying the coolness provided by the hose that was dripping from the middle of the garden. Others decided to get active and make a small shady excursion to the Salt de la Paca, a gorge of icy waters empty of people (unlike all the others we came across on the way). There we put our naked bodies to the limit of the minimum bearable temperature and we surrounded ourselves with the beauty of the nature of the Berguedà.

When we returned to Vents del Cadí, two exquisite paellas (vegetarian and carnivorous) were waiting for us, cooked  to perfection by the friendly refuge guard. We finished the lunch hearing the end of the story of the nudist troubadour, which thrilled us and made us laugh even more. I hope that with my post, you will better understand the references that Ivan makes to the adventure we lived.

Without much further ado, we put on our clothes again and said goodbye until the next nudist meeting at the refuge, which will be in July. As always, the meetings organized by Fran do not leave anyone disappointed. We always find good people with whom to share laughter, food, love of nature and desire to enjoy it in the nude, and very enriching conversations.

See you soon!

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